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Why so few examples?

Unfortunately a large number of the projects I have work on are behind NDAs, are commercially sensitive or have security considerations as in the case of my work for the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice and National Health Service.


Duck & Elephant

Rebrand concept for personalised book publishing company Oh Zoe Books



Mustardbet online sports betting platform.


Street Epistemology Logo

Open source community logo concept for the Street Epistemology movement.


Deviant Cyberwolf

Created Deviant as part of the Deviant Robot project Deviant Cyberwolf is a group deduction game based on the game Werewolf; it featured an 80s retro futurism aesthetic.

designpersonal project

Deviant Robot

Deviant Robot is a project I started in 2014. It is a community project that is designed to promote engaging with ideas and imagination.

websitedesigndevelopmentpersonal project

Stranger Lands

A video game created in C# using the open source game engine Godot.

designdevelopmentpersonal project

Some great companies I have worked with

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